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See Ya 2021, Hello 2022


by Mike Ferrell

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Well well well, we made it through 2021. I think we all owe ourselves a pat on the back. This year was a rollercoaster of emotions. Super fun, scary at times and thrilling to the end. We’ve been fortunate to have worked on some fun projects this year and with some incredibly talented and kind folks. This newsletter is dedicated to our extended TopTop crew. Thank you for your partnership, collaboration and creativity.

We’re going to highlight a couple of our favorite projects and people from this year. To all that have supported us on our journey to the top, thank you. Have a safe, party-filled or chilled-out, NYE. Happy New Year from TopTop!


Last winter, Vasu Sojitra and his two friends Emilé Zynobia and Zahan Billimoria set out to ski Mt. Moran—in the process, reshaped the conversation around disability in the outdoors. The film that transpired from this adventure launched in October.

ASCEND: Reframing Disability in the Outdoors was directed by Faith E. Briggs. Faith is a creative producer and director based in Portland, Oregon. She’s passionate about sharing contemporary stories that widen the spectrum of representation and help us all see our own possibilities.

We're grateful to have had the opportunity to not only work on this project with Faith and team but also to learn so much along the way. Language and representation are important.

A big thank you to Kaki Orr and Rob Wassmer from The North Face for your support.


In June 2021 we were fortunate to tackle the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route on the new Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 with the REV’IT! Women’s Adventure Team. We had a blast getting dirty, camping and enduring one hell of a thunderstorm our second night at camp with motorcycle riders Jenna West, Amelia Nunn and Erika Tango Bean.

The three-part series, Off the Grid, was directed by Brooklyn-based, director, cinematographer and editor, Niki Murphy. Her hard work ethic, positive attitude and unique style was a great addition to the team.


The River Runner is a story of resilience that follows kayaker Scott Lindgren's quest to become the first person to paddle the four great rivers of Tibet's Mt. Kailash. Through his struggles, Lindgren learns the only way to achieve his goals is to open his heart.

The film is directed by Rush Sturges and our friend Corinna Halloran is an associate producer and writer on this project. Congratulations on a beautiful film team!


Let's Connect in 2022!

We're always looking to partner with good people and creative minds. So if you’re an athlete on a mission, a creative with a concept, or a marketer with an audience – we would love to partner with you. Join us on our journey to the top!



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