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We have a new reel!

GRAB AHOLD by Mike Ferrell

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We spend our lives crafting stories that are full of passion, beauty and adventure. As a creative content studio, we leverage that experience to help brands with their campaigns, non-scripted series, and films including some originals we have in development.

Our love of the outdoors is foundational to our storytelling style and approach. While our projects don't always incorporate nature or adventure, that experience brings a unique perspective and distinct skillset to our work.

We’re thrilled to share the new reel with you!


Diverse skills set us apart

Nick comes from the world of documentary and commercial filmmaking. He’s worked on big-budget projects with big crews to scrappy ones that brought him around the globe to chase athletes up mountains and across oceans to capture images that transcend language. Nick’s a storyteller through and through with the visual aesthetic of an artist and tactician of a surgeon.

My background is in marketing and journalism, allowing me to look at projects differently. I understand corporate jargon and the challenge marketing managers have with limited bandwidth and the need to appease multiple stakeholders. As a marketer, I love the challenge of getting the most out of each project. Full funnel stuff. As a journalist, I approach stories objectively to find truth and seek to understand different perspectives.


We love the process

Film production takes time, resources, and patience but our approach turns that beast into the fun creative endeavor it’s meant to be. We enjoy the entire process of creating. Even the tedious bits. We work on projects from ideation to post-production.

But a film, commercial, or campaign can only be great if people see it and interact with it. That's why we approach every project with distribution and impact at the top of our minds to help find the best home (or homes) for them.

Our ultimate goal is to tell powerful stories and help brands reach their audiences where they are.


Let's chat

We'd love to book some time with you to chat about how we can help bring your story or concept to life – and get the most out of it!


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