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One Year Later And We’re Celebrating! 🍾

JUNE 2021

by Mike Ferrell

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One year ago, in the midst of all that was 2020, we launched TopTop Studio. It’s gone by fast. Running a small business is no joke. It’ll keep you in a glass case of emotions, a la Anchorman. If I’ve learned anything over the past year it’s to stay vigilant. Keep pushing. Keep believing. We’re fortunate to have an awesome team and support network of people that believe in us as much as we do. We had a good year, so thank you for reading our newsletters, interacting with our social posts, and supporting our work and us! We owe this past year to you all and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Another reason to celebrate: Dutch and his fiancé Emily are tying the knot on July 10th! Yeeeah! Congrats you two!

2021 is looking good on us.


We are excited to share with you Filmsupply's first episode of Behind the Work Season 2, about The North Face film Lhotse by Nick and Dutch. They interview Dutch and The North Face producers Kaki Orr and Rob Wassmer about how the film came together and the strategic demands of shooting in a place with extremely high stakes. It's awesome and I learned some stuff I didn't know.

Lhotse is the first project Dutch and Nick owned as a team from beginning to end and it’s how TopTop Studio started to take shape, not to mention the basis of our name. But that's another story for another newsletter.


It only makes sense to have Dan Olsen as the featured creative on our 1-year anniversary newsletter. He did the color for Lhotse and his talent for balancing bright white snow is unmatched. All of his work is stellar and you'll see that in his color reel. Dan is currently the post-supervisor and colorist for Cosmic Pictures and helms First Chair Media for passion projects and consulting services. In his spare time, he's getting his MBA at The University of Utah. Go Utes! We work with Dan every time we get the opportunity and you should too. Thanks for making everything look better, Dan.


La Cible (French for “the target”) is a motocross club situated in a former stone quarry near the Mediterranean Sea and is run by Sebastien, who also lives there. He is a local motocross legend, who was born with a condition that normally wouldn’t have allowed him to ride a motorcycle, let alone compete and teach. It’s a really cool film by Gabriel Dugué and done really well. I like the moral of the story even more – don’t underestimate people.


Thank you for supporting us over the past year! These are the top 100 songs I've been listening to over the past year. It's a mash-up! You'll get some of everything! Enjoy!


Going to Outdoor Retailer in August?

We'd love to meet up in Denver this August 10-12! We're always looking to partner with good people and creative minds – let's create something together! Contact us and we can schedule a time to connect. We look forward to seeing you there!



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