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The North Face

Winter How-To / Non-scripted Series / 2021

Season 2 of the multipart How-To Series featuring The North Face athletes who give tips to get outside and be safe doing it. Jim Zellers discusses the best way to approach Skiing with Caite Zeliff, Snowboarding with Mark Carter and Trail running with Erika Flowers.


Our goal was to develop a series that could both educate and inspire audiences to get outside. Our 6-part series has garnered over 500K views on YouTube.We made over 40 different videos from this series to create an ecosystem of content for both social media and TNF eCommerce teams. 


Directed by: Dutch Simpson /  Producer: Mike Ferrell / Director of Photography: Nick Kalisz / Editor: TopTop Studio / GFX: Jon Kalisz Executive Producer: Kaki Orr & Robb Wassmer Client: The North Face

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