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Salomon x Deuter
onX Backcountry

STEPPING OUT: An Alaskan Expedition / Short Film / 2022

Three women set out to ski in the Alaska range for their first time. Serving as their own guides they were excited to arrive on the glacier and were quickly humbled by the complex structure of the terrain. In a new setting, they reimagine what success looks like beyond the familiar expectations of adventure athletes. The mission? Thrive in new roles and progress as a team to test their limits as skiers and leaders. No trip is perfect but the most memorable ones evolve beyond sport.


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Directed by: Lani Bruntz & Mali Noyes / Co-Director (& DoP): Nick Kalisz / Producer: Mike Ferrell  / Field Producer: Maddie Crowell / Editor: Hennie Van Jaarsveld of Team 13 / Assist Editor: Nick Kalisz / Sound: Mingxin Qiguan / GFX: Hamza N. Meo / Story by: Lani Bruntz, Mali Noyes Maddie Crowell / Photography by: Fred Marmsater

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