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Harley-Davidson x Nate Bressler Short Film | 2024

Nate Bressler rides to feel connected to his late father, Troy Bressler, who was a lifelong Harley-Davidson enthusiast. His spirit lives on in the two-wheeled journeys Nate takes, where the solo saddle time allows him to reconnect to his roots and reflect on family memories.


Director: Nicholas Kalisz + Mike Ferrell / Talent: Nate Bressler / Director of Photography: Nicholas Kalisz / AC + Camera: Henry Hougen / Producer: Mike Ferrell /  Edit: TopTop Studio / Color: Jonnie Sirotek / Audio Mix: Electric Audio Inc. / Music: Courtesy of AUDIIO / EP: Talor Burns + Jasmin RiveraClient: Harley-Davidson

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