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Timp 5 Commercial | 2024

We have wanted to work with Director + Photographer Andrew Maguire for a few years, and we finally got to make it happen with this project for Altra Running. The pitch was simple: showcase their new Timp5 trail shoe. It was a quick day shoot, and we had a good time doing it. Getting to utilize some beautiful cameras and play around with new locations. This is a Director's Cut that we got to piece together with Andrew. Go check out more versions on the Altra page!


Director: Andrew Maguire / Production Company: Andrew Maguire PRDXN / Director of Photography: Nick Kalisz / AC: George Knowles / DIT: RedTooth Imagery /  Edit: TopTop Studio / Color: Jonnie Sirotek / Creative: Michael Emmerson . Matt Mackenzie . Zach Kugler / Creative Producer: Tyler Gorky / Casting: Kari White / Athletes: Rebecca Hamel . Tez Hawkins

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