DIRECTOR: Dutch Simpson

EDITOR: Nick Kalisz

WRITER: Mike Ferrell

SOUND: Jay Siebold

CLIENT: Marmot


We were hired to work on a commercial project to honor the legacy and humble beginnings of Marmot and celebrate its future. Due to the pandemic, we couldn't shoot new footage to capture our vision but thankfully we were able to pivot. We utilized some of our own footage and sourced footage from epic creative talent.

We named the edit "Stoke Your Fire" as the narrator is the “Wild”, reminiscing on the good times and reminding us that although the world has changed, the "Wild" hasn’t, and neither have we. So stoke the fire burning inside you and get outside and explore.⁠


Designing, testing, and sewing the apparel, tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks that get us all outside. We're all trying to live up to the free-wheeling, go-your-own-way, who-cares-what-people-think attitude of the early days. We go outside because it’s the best playground we can imagine. It’s a place to be creative, express yourself, and escape from the sameness of everyday life. We do what we do because we think this desire to get out and be wild is in everybody. – Marmot

30-sec Social Edit

15-sec Social Edit